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John Martoccia – A Popular Filmmaker Of Faith Based Films

John Martoccia is a popular filmmaker who writes and directs thought provoking faith based films. He was born in the year 1957 in Chateauroux, France, as the third son of Stella and Anthony Martoccia and was raised in Rome, NY(his mother’s hometown). Currently, Men Trench Coats On Sale he is running a catholic production company by the name “Anthony Stella Productions”. His purpose behind making faith based movies is to help humanity reconnect with its true purpose. Through his films,
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that carry many inspiring messages, he wants people to realize the true purpose of human existence. He currently offers his Christian Movies Online through his website.

Maiden venture of John Martoccia

Vito Bonafacci is the first screenplay and directorial debut from John Martoccia. The story of the film revolves around a man who has amassed all the riches of life but had forgotten the almighty. He keeps living this meaningless life until one day his mother comes to him in a dream, asks him to give up his material greed, and follow a spiritual path. Moved by the words of his mother, he decides to embark on a soul searching journey and tries to discover the true Moncler Kids Uk meaning of life. This inspirational Catholic Movie will definitely revive your faith in religion and give you the inspiration you need for exploring your faith. It will make you think about your existence and how you can live a more fulfilling life.

Death Of A Tree – Soon To Be Released

John wanted his second film to explore the temptations of power,
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sex, guilt and violence that practicing Catholics often encounter on a regular basis. So, after the success of Vito Bonafacci, he came up with his next film “Death of a tree”,
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which focuses on the struggles involved in human existence and how religion helps deal with all the hard circumstances of life. It is a tragic yet hopeful story of a middle-aged divorced man who tries to live a pure life as a devout catholic, but fails to do so as a younger woman tries to seduce him. Eventually,
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he gets involved in a relationship with that woman. The film will be released in the Spring of 2014. In the meantime, the DVD is currently available for pre-order for $5 off the regular price. Reserve your copy today at anthonystellaproductions.

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House for Trees

Vo Trong Nghia Architects, Vietnam restore the charm of tropical neighbourhoods in the highly Moncler Outlet Sale urbanized heart of Ho Chi Minh City through their one-of-a-kind project ‘House for Trees’…

This novel initiative has drawn the attention of the world by winning a prestigious award at the World Architecture Festival 2014, under the “completed Buildings – House” category.

The project tastefully ropes in exterior space as an integral part of the living area, heralding the co-existence of ‘high-density dwelling’ with ‘huge tropical trees’ and enabling the dwellers to have an exhilarating earthly ‘connect’.

‘House for Trees’ is a conglomerate of five units, each designed as an oversized pot, accommodating an interesting Moncler Outlet Online combo of a component of the house on the ground/first floor with tropical trees planted on the rooftop. This is the theme that resonates through the house, as it’s also the very embodiment of the identity of HCMC, where small houses crowd together in clusters.

All these units open into a central courtyard, enhancing internal communication and effectively facilitating absolute privacy from the cacophony of urban life.

The design is endowed with a supreme synergy, ensuring that the entire house comes together as a meaningful whole, notwithstanding its randomly scattered units. With bamboo formwork texturizing its exteriors and the monochromatic flourish it exudes, the house is as imposing as the tropical trees it houses!

Functionality reigns supreme,
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as the 1.5m deep soil layer atop each unit serves as a heat insulator during summers, while it turns into a storm-water basin during rains, minimising the use of AC. The latter would also imply lesser flooding in the city, during rains, if and when the prototype is replicated in large numbers. All these hint enough at the challenges the architects had to overcome, enroute.

Considering the cost of land, would HCMC’s urban landscapes be generous enough to facilitate the mushrooming of this prototype,
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albeit its budget-friendliness in terms of cost of construction,
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is something only time will tell.

Click here to view images of House for Trees on indiaartndesign

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Duality in architecture: the spirit of this space!

Compiled by Pari Syal Photography: Courtesy the architect

Intro: Design practice Ippoliti Fleitz Group redesign a café in Stuttgart suburb Ostfildern as a multi-dimensional, full-of-beans space catering to differing scenarios throughout the day…

Copy: Bar, bistro, stage… Café Pause,
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as its name suggests revitalizes one’s senses, almost instantly preparing one for any kind of hospitality experience. With the evolution of ways in which one perceives one’s entertainment and dining out choices, the new café offers a dynamic spatial configuration that can be adapted to a bar scenario; a live performance – planned and impromptu – music or cabaret; a family diner… et al.

Already a popular place in the heart Women’s Moncler Jackets On Sale of town, the redesigned eatery spells high-end from the word go! Its sophisticated interior combines modernity with a cosy feel to ensure that it can address a broad target group.

Using a central bar as the focus, various seating options are grouped around it, creating pockets of ambience that can be easily merged into a complete happy affair at the drop of a hat.

Whilst the diner-style seating niches along the street window with a more intimate character, the bar tables and more freely aligned seating at the opposite end represent an open coffeehouse-style ambience. The most striking element is acircumferential, upholstered bench that encompasses two existing columns in the centre of the space. The free seating along the fa?
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ades can be moved to make space for a temporary stage or free the way to the terrace in summer. Sweater Vest Womens

The palette is warm, homely and simplified with whitened maritime pine boards as wall cladding and shelving. White marble and brass strips set in concrete create a juxtaposition of ideas as they take centre stage at the bar,
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while a rear wall of blue and ochre tiles gives the space its overall colour scheme.

This spatial flexibility with its atmospherically-contained mood-driven design also includes and reinterprets such classic coffeehouse elements as brass and wood panelling. Click here to view the images of the home on indiaartndesign

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RecyclingThe Joys and the Pain!
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We are all now very aware of environmental issues aren’t we? We can’t avoid hearing about what we should be doing to maintain the world’s equilibrium. I for one was very slow off the mark what with being a 60′S child who went nowhere without my hairspray and now being told I am to blame for the global warming. Ouch! It hurts to know I may have destroyed the earth but I have to say not single handed so recycling is going to save face for me and now I have become a recycler extraordinaire.

We now need to have in our kitchens three separate bins to be able to recycle effectively and don’t they take up space? What makes up for that? Well I do feel so much better when I put things in the correct bins so it gives me retribution on all my bad deeds over the years Moncler Coat Women even if they take up half my floor space.

We have a normal bin for normal rubbish and shredded paper because that cannot go in the paper bin though I do ask WHY?
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We have a paper bin for all our paper, obviously except for shredded paper,
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cardboard, food outer boxes, plastic bottles, but no lids, and a selection of miscellaneous things we have to keep checking are going in the right bin. Recently we got a new bin for glass but no glasses, just bottles no lids. It ends up being a daily chore to make sure that you get the right things in the right bins. Next all 3 have to be taken out and put in the correct outside bin or you get Moncler Outlet Deutschland told off by the council so woe betide you if you put a black sack in the paper bin!!

Then you have to remember which goes out kerbside and the older I get the harder that becomes. Tuesday is normal rubbish day but every 2 weeks is paper bin day as well and once a month you have to remember to put out the glass bin on the same day as the paper one. Thanks god I have a weekly calendar!

So as much as I feel I have to conform to recycling I found the best way I can help the planet safe is to recycle the hot air I use that just rises to the ceiling from my central heating and to do that I thank my Hunter ceiling fan with light. Not only does it have a lifetime warranty but it works in reverse so believe it or not does manage to save me up to 24% of my energy cost.

This article is only my opinion but I hope you found Moncler Gui Vest the funny side of recycling and carry on with yours.

Energy Saving

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Do Muslims Worship the Christian God?

Dear Mohammed:

I’ve purchased a couple of computers Moncler Kids Wear from you,
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and have noticed that you are closed on Friday afternoons for a while.

That, together with the name Mohammed suggests that you have chosen Islam as your religion.

I’m sure there are good people and good citizens who are Muslims. I worked with a technician in Indiana who was a Muslim, and he seemed to be pretty sharp technically.

But the Muslims have the wrong idea about who Jesus is. Muslims say that “Jesus was a good man and a prophet, but not the Son of God.” When the Muslims say that, they have contradicted themselves.

Jesus said he’s the Son of God in Mark 14:62. Jesus was brought before the Jewish High Priest, who asked him, “Are you the Christ, the Son of the Moncler Coat Blessed?” Jesus answered, “I am, and you’ll see the Son of man sitting at the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.”

On another occasion, Jesus was talking with his disciples, in Matthew chapt 16, and He asked them, “Whom do people say that I am?” The disciples answered, “Some say you are Elijah, or one of the prophets.” Jesus asked, “Whom do you say that I am. The disciple Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Jesus answered Peter,
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“Blessed are you, Simon, son of Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed it to you, but my Father who is in heaven.”

Matthew is the first book in the New Testament part of the Holy Bible, and Mark is the book after Matthew.

So then, Jesus himself claimed to be the Son of God. But if the Muslims are right when they say Moncler Coats On Sale Jesus is not the Son of God, then Jesus is not a good man, he’s a liar, and not a prophet, but a false prophet.

But it is the Muslims who are mistaken. Jesus is a prophet, and also the Son of God. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except by me.” (John 14:6)

If you would take the time to read the books, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the New Testament, you would know a lot more about Jesus, the Son of God, and Savior of the World. He’s the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, for those who accept Him as Lord and Savior.

In Revelation chapt. 3 verse 20, Jesus offers salvation from hell to all who say yes to him. I hope that you will do this.

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Trailblazers from Rural India

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By Udita Chaturvedi The National Innovation Foundation-India is an Indian government initiative to provide institutional support to grassroots green Outlet Moncler A Trebaseleghe technology and to nurture innovators, who blend traditional knowledge with contemporary technology.

Mansukhbhai Prajapati, Mohammad Rozadeen, CV Raju and Mathews K Mathew are four such pioneers,
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who will exhibit their genius at the LDF 2013.

Who would have thought that lack of coffee in small towns would encourage Rozadeen to make a low-cost coffee machine in 1993? He used his street-skills to study the coffee-making process and modified a regular pressure cooker into a coffee-machine with a metal pipe. A mechanic and a welder by profession, Rozadeen has applied for a patent for his design.

Prajapati is equipped with a sound knowledge of pottery, privileged school education and keen entrepreneurial skills. Applying his innovative mind to these pluses, he has designed the Mitticool fridge in 2005 after testing several prototypes. Mitticool, or ‘The Poorman’s Men Jackets Sale Refrigerator’, as popularly referred to, has been patented, and is made entirely from clay and looks like any other clay-made shelf in a rural household. The fridge provides natural coolness without any artificial form of energy.

Another green hat goes to Raju, an agricultural graduate from Andhra Pradesh, who along with local artisans has strengthened his traditional knowledge of vegetative dyes. He has developed new techniques to conserve them and rejuvenate existing stock. Raju has also developed non-toxic, eco-friendly ‘herbal’ wood ware toys for a slowly emerging global market.

The last participant is a nature-lover from Kerala, Mathew, who decided to translate his observation into an innovative product and designed ‘Hawker’ — a solar mosquito destroyer — which became so popular that it sold over 5000 units of the device in 2005. The plastic base is attached to an inverted Moncler Coats Sale U-tube and placed in a manner that it gets direct sunlight on the top. The eco-friendly device that uses no toxins destroys nearly 45,
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000 mosquitoes by simply curtailing reproduction by killing a single female mosquito.

to view images click on indiaartndesign

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A Quick Idea to the Diversified selection of Printing

Printing has been in employed for generations. Folks have been using it for a lot of uses from the moment of its technology in 1440, when the first and unique publishing methods, Letterpress,
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was developed by Gutenberg. But,
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now each day,
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new systems have taken over the stamping world. With the development in the new technologies several new types of printer have come therefore in to the market and it becomes difficult to know which printer will be more beneficial depending on requirement and the necessity. To offer a quick idea towards the buyer, here are a few of the popular types of printing Edinburg Electrostatic Printing Electrostatic printing is just a process similar to photocopying.Moncler Kids Vests Here also the colour sticks to a drum and is blend by warm to doc. Electrostatic printing is analogous to electronic printing in that both processes are ideal and well-designed for small printing works. Lithography The most popular publishing process used by most of the printers is Offset Lithography. In this process ink is employed cost-effectively in addition to its setup time for the press is fixed. In this approach is toner is counter-balance from steel plates in the direction of a rubber cylinder onto the document. It is a reasonably priced and most common method of producing. Digital Printing Digital printing may be the exceedingly powerful and newest kind of printing. This form of publishing delivers an electronic digital file immediately from a computer to the media and has eliminated using clothing,
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video. It’s a relatively rapid method of printing as compared to other printing methods. Infact it is the most suitable way for time restraints and meeting target. Gravure printing On the List Of other well-known printing strategies are screen printing, engraving, thermography and reprographics. However to acquire the very best printing Edinburg get tips from the printer before you go to get it. Between The high-priced highquality printing process could be the gravure printing. Within this type of printing copper plates are employed. This method of printing is mainly used-to produce superior-quality large volume means such as for instance newspaper, magazines, catalogues and Outlet Moncler A Trebaseleghemore. Visit

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ATV trails in Washington: Enjoy your holiday

Make your adventure trip more adventurous with snowmobile and scooters. Choose safe ATV’s from ATV rental providers in Washington State and make your ATV riding a memorable experience. Explore the dessert terrain and snow capped mountains of the Northern Cascade Range. Book your ATV trails and get ready to experience the Mens Chinese Jackets nature. What else could be the best way to view the panoramic beauty of the land then exploring the ways on the ATV with a group of friends? Whether you are on a trip with friends or family an ATV trail in Washington will surely make your holiday more enjoyable. You can book snowmobile, scooter or ATV. Mostly people prefer motor toys or ATV for trailing. Book your motor toy and enjoy the ride in the majestic realm of nature in Washington.

Hire a professional guide for a better experience. These trained guides will tell where you can find real adventures will explore the nooks and corner of the land. Don’t wander aimlessly from trails to trails. A local guide can make your trip more enjoyable. There are many ATV rental agencies that arrange ATV tour as well. Make a group Jackets For Kids of 4 people and plan a tour.

Plan a short adventure North Face Jackets On Sale trip to Washington and make your stay memorable with ATV trails in Washington. The ATV tours are attracting youngsters. It is a good way to explore the beauty of the nature. Take a break from your regular routine job and try something different on this holiday,
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the ATV trail in Washington State will surely fill your soul with excitement and adventure.

The Washington is a perfect holiday destination for those who love adventure trips. Experience the thrills in the Wild West in the most adventurous way with ATV trails. Book your ATV online and enjoy the vacation. Every year millions of people visit the land in search of adventure and excitement. There are many ATV and scooters providers,
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choose a reliable and professional service provider for the hassle free vacation Moncler Kids 2015 plan. Make sure your ATV is safe and perfect for the ride. You can talk to technicians as well for the better understanding of the machine. Most of the ATV providers have a team of skilled and customer-friendly technicians these technicians take good care of toy motor.

Explore the internet and find useful information about the ATV providers,
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contact a few companies and ask for free quotes. Make your adventure trip safe and exciting with right ATV’s.

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The government supports charity donators

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There are so many benefits overall by making Moncler Coats Women donations to charity,
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this includes benefits for tax. Many people are giving out funds from the goodness of their hearts and at the same time get reductions on tax. Going through the benefits of tax reductions is fairly easy most of the time. Tax preparers or your accountant should be able to assist you with charitable tax deductions whether the charity you choose is qualified or not.

Some of the benefits are:

Any Charity donation can entitle you to having a charitable reduction on your income tax; this is provided that you itemize your deductions. Charity gifts that are donated can reduce your tax savings. For people that have a high income tax, Zara Mens Jackets they look at charity to greatly reduce their tax savings with a lot of donations. So basically the more you contribute to a charity donation,
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the more you will end up saving. Richer people Moncler Women’s Jackets who give lots of money get very large tax rewards by doing this.

The charity contribution deduction happens on the year that you paid it. As soon as you mail funds to a charity it is immediately gone down as payment. When making a contribution via credit card it is not made out immediately as payment. It is charged when the credit card company receives the payment some time later in the year. That is why you have to contact them to make sure that it has been considered payment on their system so that you get your deduction.

The best part about these deductions is the amount of charities that qualify for them. You can only deduct gifts if they were Mink Coats For Sale made to a registered charity, many people do not worry about this because they feel that they are doing to donate. Some of them do not worry about tax deductions as much as others as long as they get their money to the charity that they wanted. The important thing to remember is that only charities in Australia are the only ones that you are able to get a reduction on.

Charity donation and charitable donations are a very important part of Australia; the government encourages donating hence why they offer deductions on your tax if you donate to a charity within the country. It is well worth putting some extra money that you have into a charity,
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they could use it a lot better than what you would. It could go towards medication, food and clothes.

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With diapers functions and accountable find acquainted

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With diapers functions obtaining familiar is recognized as to become a significant struggle regarding parents that were new. There’s to become substantial worth mounted on nappies as diapering is one of the very essential requirements regarding achieving the optimum feasible baby-care and cleanliness regimen. They’re considered to not become very unnecessary to be able to supply the new created infant with a healthy body and cleanliness and conserve these from disease and possible illnesses. Down Jacket Women Nappy desserts can be quite helpful in satisfying needs and these important baby-care needs. They include fast ingesting nappies and top quality which are good for the infants.

Present diaper cakes be to- to parents

To be able to create parents to-know about these diapers needs there are specific actions and endeavours that are prior to the infant comes into the world to become obtained by their well-wishers and family members. Among the main actions that the households may think about would be to existing baby diaper cakes to the new parents during initial anniversaries and infant bathrooms.

Gifts that are these won’t just assist the parents be familiar with the requirement regarding diapers’ significance but additionally make sure they are conscious of diapers Moncler Outlet Online Store functions that’s to become started by these in future that is not too distant. Individuals may get their favored diaper cake in several online systems and existing their family members with these.

For showing diaper cakes greatest events

One regarding showing appealing diaper cakes of the greatest and appropriate events are on events and infant bathrooms. Baby shower celebration diaper cakes are considered to put on an unique location regarding new parents on these events because it is considered to become a significant unforgettable event specifically for the moms to become. Using these customized presents,
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the giftee feel very special however the provider can also be in a position to create love conveyed and their Moncler Coats Men great desires within an efficient method. It’s regarding factors that are these that diaper cakes are very popular among individuals nowadays.