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Creating A Story

Have you ever had a dream. What is a dream. You know that dream where you can just know you’re at the right place. That nothing can happen but joy and happiness.

But dreams can be bad, no? No those are night mares. We desire to live dreams,
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good dreams, ones that fill us with joy and happiness. People think they live a night mare sometimes, but we forget that this is only a ride and to enjoy every moment.

We lost that ability from when we were young to just enjoy life and create what we desired on demanded. We are now taught and live by stand up straight do this do that, so that you can survive.

That doesn’t sound like much fun. We are surrounded by bad news saying Moncler Men Vests that there’s monsters outside, feeding our minds with the wrong stories. People love stories and we live by it.

We use to write stories on the walls with drawings to tell stories. We spoke of gods and power which we could not explain. This formed what is now all we have created in our lives.

People have been listening to the wrong stories and thought they were true. They’ve been feed the wrong story from people who aren’t that good at telling stories.

People need to stop Moncler Online Shop Deutschland believing in the camp fire scary story, even though it seems real and can be possible, there are always better stories out there. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard that story and I’m putting on my shoes tieing my laces, and going to find me a better story.

You have the opportunity to find your story in this world. Unleash your amazing ability to create Moncler Outlet Online Store your life. Dare to explore and find an amazing dream,
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and enjoy the journey. You’re taking charge of your life and writing your story. You can do amazing things.

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I’ll see you on the other side,

Jonathan Bejba

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